London conference 25 October: 1914-2014 One hundred years of war

Event: 100 years of war

Sessions will include:
  • Dealing in death: how the arms trade spreads chaos
  • Disability and war
  • World War One and the colonised world
  • War and imperialism today.

1914-2014: One Hundred Years of War
London Conference • Bishopsgate Institute
Saturday 25 October • 12 Noon - 5pm

Organised by Stop the War Coalition and No Glory     Facebook...

Adam Hochschild author of To End All Wars & King Leopold's GhostPriyamvada Gopal cultural historianSeumas Milne writer and journalistNeil Faulkner historian, author of The real history of World War OneBoris Kagarlitsky Russian writer and campaigner • Lindsey German convenor of Stop the War Coalition, author of Women and WarMatthew Burnett-Stuart Campaign Against Arms Trade • Jeremy Corbyn MP • David Edgar playwright • Richard Rieser organiser of disability history month • Explo Nani Kofi Ghana activist

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One Hundred Years of War: Introduction

What was the war which broke out 100 years ago really about? Was it a fight for democracy or a struggle between the European powers for more land and colonies?

Did so many have to die? What was the resistance to the war, and how did its fortunes change? What is the relevance of this anniversary to current wars our government is involved in?

These are some of the questions to be discussed at this important conference. We have a range of expert and informed speakers who will contribute to a day which will challenge some of the mainstream agenda about the war.

Adam Hochschild, historian and author, has written widely on those who opposed war. He will be joined by Neil Faulkner and Priyamvada Gopal to discuss the real nature of the war and the fight against it.

Other speakers now added to the line up include David Edgar, playwright, and Richard Rieser, organiser of disability history month. Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, and Seumas Milne from the Guardian will assess the legacy of 100 years of war and why we are still fighting wars.

The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of war has been used by government and media to project it as a war for democracy. The conference will challenge that view, and the way that the anniversary is used by some to justify current wars.

In the run up to Remembrance Day, this conference is well timed to set a different agenda, one which campaigns for peace and equality, not more war.