19 June London | Have you forgotten yet? The Truth About the Somme

The Truth About the Somme
Sunday 19 June | 7pm
Heath Street Baptist Church
84 Heath Street | London NW3 1DN

Co-hosted by No Glory in War and Stop the War Coalition

Tickets £8 in advance / £10 on the door. BOOK NOW »

Stop the War Coalition, which is co-hosting this event, is offering £3 tickets to its members and supporters who show either a membership card or a printout at the door on 19 June.

Remembering one of Britain's most disastrous conflicts through history, poetry and song. Performers include CND general secretary Kate Hudson, historian Neil Faulkner, singer-songwriters Robb Johnson and Steve O'Donoghue, musician Russ Chandler and actors Gemma Jones , Jan North and Sian Allen . Storyteller and folk singer Matthew Crampton will MC the evening, with trench songs and music hall gems to counterpoint stories and poems about the battle. More names to be announced very soon.

The event features two special launches:

• No Glory's new pamphlet Have You Forgotten Yet? The Truth About the Somme by Neil Faulkner. Buy here »
The song Dandelions by Steve O'Donoghue - a tribute to the men who fought and died on the Somme. See video »

As we approach the centenary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916, let us remember the victims of this dreadful battle with an evening of understanding and reflection. Historian Neil Faulkner will set the context, challenging today's political fashion for reframing the Somme as a vital, noble step in winning the war. The evening will be a deft weave of word and music. Through poetry and trench song, we'll hear from those who took part, and we'll hear from those whose lives were blighted indirectly by the battle.

This is a fundraiser for No Glory, a campaign dedicated to challenging any attempts to sanitise, excuse or glorify the First World War.

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