Marc de Larréguy de Civrieux: The Banner of Revolt

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International WWI Poetry Month

The Banner of Revolt

Marc de Larréguy de Civrieux (France, 1916)

I call in your name, Brothers in obscurity,
Who fear to shout aloud your grievous sufferings,
But die without a word or hope of better things,
For the dishonoured Leaders of humanity!

I call in your name, Parents weeping bitterly
To mourn a son, for whom death liberation brings:
You can believe no more, smarting from sorrow’s stings,
In your false Torturers, who dupe you constantly!

I call in your name, comrades silent in the tomb
As endlessly you swell the senseless hecatomb,
But on the Day of Truth will rise triumphantly!

It is in all your names that I address my call
For people everywhere to raise, as Nations fall,
The Banner of Revolt and of Fraternity!