Tony Benn 1925-2014 on World War One

Tony Benn, who died on 14 March 2013, was one of the founders of the No Glory campaign, and president of the Stop the War Coalition until the day he died. In this short video, he gives his views on the First World War, advice to the young anticipating a career in politics and why we should never be afraid of getting old.

Tony Benn's funeral is on Thursday 27 March at St Margaret's Church, London. Many people will want to pay their respects to this great figure who made such a towering contribution over decades to the peace and justice movements. We will be gathering in Parliament Square at 10.15am and then lining the route taken by the hearse that will bring Tony Benn's body to the church. Do join us if you can. A map and more details of the funeral are here...

Tony Benn, at the age of 87, interviewed by John Rees, London South Bank Centre, February 2013