Wear a white poppy - share with others - spread the word

Four ways to spread the white poppy for peace in remembrance of those who died in war

Each year more and more people choose to wear the white poppy - as a respectful way to put peace at the heart of remembering those who died in war. This year, to spread the white poppy as widely as possible. Here’s what you can do:

  • Wear a white poppy yourself. It will probably trigger conversations with colleagues and strangers - a powerful way to get the message out there. Some may choose to wear both red and white poppies.
  • Buy white poppies to share with others.
  • Spread the word. Tell others how to find out more and buy white poppies for themselves.

Orders for white poppies will not be despatched until after Remembrance Sunday 8 November 2015.

Price: £1.50 each including delivery. 5 white poppies at £5.00.
10 white poppies at £8.00.

Please phone 020 7561 4830 to buy in bulk

Please note: White poppies are only available for delivery in the UK

The white poppy campaign was initiated by Peace Pledge Union in 1934