York: The War to End All Wars? The Anti-War Perspective

York Day-school: Organised by: York Against the War and York Alternative History

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The War to End All Wars? The Anti-War Perspective

Saturday 1st November 2014
Priory Street Centre  • Priory Street  • York

This day-school in York aims to provide an alternative to government plans for a 'celebration of the national spirit'; to counter romantic, populist, nationalist propaganda, and bad history which serve to facilitate future wars; and to offer explanation in place of commemoration.

Sessions and Speakers:

  • The Suffragettes and the War Lindsey German
  • Imperialism and World War One John Rees
  • The Anti-War Movement and the Great War Cyril Pearce
  • Revolution and the End of the War Donny Gluckstein
  • Ireland and World War One Charlie McGuire
  • Industrial Unrest, the First Shop Stewards' Movement, the Labour Movement,& the
    Chris Fuller
  • World War One in the Middle Ease: The Legacy Steve Cox
  • The Other War Poets Owen Clayton
  • Official Commemoration, War Memorials and Private Mourning in York Martin Bashforth